Sample Assignments:

EU wide multi site Lean Six Sigma deployment

Site assessment with evaluation and prioritisation of improvement opportunities

Diagnosis and Improvement of out of control Medical Device Production Process to improve yield from 70% to >97%

ŸMapping and improvement of transactional processes in a Waste Management Business

ŸCI process review of existing Lean Six Sigma Program to ensure improved focus on priority projects and improved use of data for problem solving

ŸKaizen activities to deliver new and improved floor layouts with efficiency savings

ŸIdentification and prioritization of projects to reduce Product Waste and Scrap

ŸReduced cycle time and improved material availability at point of use

Hospital Inventory Review

Repairs Service Inventory Diagnostic

New Product Introduction and Project Management Improvement

Bulk Chemical Storage Tank Optimisation

Pharma QA/QC efficiency diagnostic and organisational design improvement

Animal / Human Pharma QA/QC efficiency diagnostic, benefit analysis, prioritisation and planning

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